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Business Training

This marketing and business development training is available for business owners and entrepreneurs based in British Columbia. We provide the tools, techniques and frameworks for businesses to develop a marketing and business development system for growing a profitable and sustainable business.

Course options include:

1. Marketing Fundamentals

The Marketing Fundamentals Course is designed to teach business owners how to develop a solid marketing foundation. They will learn the foundational components required to build an effective marketing plan.

Measurable Learning Outcomes:

Learner will be able to:

  • Define up to three viable niche market profiles
  • Develop up to three types of qualified buyer profiles for each product/service offering
  • Understand the key components for how to differentiate yourself from the competition, and define your unique key differentiators
  • Define your offerings and learn how to effectively package, price, and position them to attract qualified buyers
  • Learn the framework for an effective elevator pitch and develop your pitch
  • Higher understanding of how people make buying decisions
  • Confidence in knowing the key components for an effective marketing plan

Course Components:

  1. Niche Market Exploration
  2. Profiling Qualified Buyers
  3. Uncover Unique Differentiators
  4. Define Service/Product Offerings
  5. Package, Price and Position Offerings to Sell
  6. Create Elevator Pitch

2.  Promotional Strategy Basics

The Promotional Strategy Basics Course is designed to teach business owners about the various ways to market and promote a business, and the process for determining which strategies are the best ones to employ based on business objectives. Business owners will learn how to research their market and the framework for determining where to find their qualified buyers. They will also learn the process for reaching out to them in meaningful ways, in order to increase revenue.

Measurable Learning Outcomes:

Learner will be able to:

  • Understand the key differences between marketing activities that are used for brand building and activities that generate leads
  • Self-audit which marketing activities are missing from their own marketing mix
  • Learn five key components for an effective promotional strategy
  • Learn a simple process for selecting appropriate promotional activities
  • Understand the difference between Target Market, Niche Market, and Qualified Buyers
  • Learn and use a framework for identifying qualified buyers
  • Understand the criteria they need to know before deeming a buyer as ‘qualified’
  • Differentiate their offering and demonstrate credibility
  • Understand the two-step formula for creating marketing messages
  • Develop effective marketing messaging that speaks to qualified buyers
  • Understand why particular marketing activities do not generate sales leads
  • Learn the six emotional triggers that every buyer has
  • Learn the different types of calls to action

Course Components:

  1. Marketing versus Lead Generation
  2. Effective Self-Promotional Strategies
  3. Qualified Buyers Research
  4. Qualified Buyers Messaging
  5. Invitations and Calls to Action

3.  Introduction to Business Development

The Introduction to Business Development Course is designed to teach business owners the system for generating leads from marketing and promotional strategies and converting opportunities into new customers and more revenue. Students will learn the key components of the sales process and the framework for tracking, measuring and closing sales opportunities.

Measurable Learning Outcomes:

Learner will be able to:

  • Understand the key components of a sales process
  • Learn the concept and components of an effective needs assessment
  • Define a simple three-step sales process and apply it to their business
  • Develop a system for tracking and measuring business development activities
  • Use a tool called the Sales Funnel to diagnose gaps in the business development process
  • Learn the structure for an effective sales enrollment conversation
  • Understand six psychological sources behind sales objections
  • Learn the five gates of closing sales and apply this knowledge to close more business
  • Identify three key tools to facilitate a successful sales conversion
  • Understand how to diagnose failed conversions
  • Identify why marketing visibility does not convert to sales
  • Create a personal conversion benchmark based on industry averages
  • Understand the key factors that impact the improvement of conversion rates
  • Learn three success tips to shorten the sales cycle
  • Understand the importance of follow-up in the sales process
  • Learn a simple system for follow up

Course Components:

  1. Sales Process
  2. Business Development System
  3. Sales Enrollment Conversations
  4. Sales Conversion
  5. Sales Cycle

4. Operational Systems for Leveraged Growth

The Operational Systems for Leveraged Growth Course is designed to teach business owners the different areas of their business that can be systematized, so they can save time and resources, and close money leaks in the business. Business owners will develop workflow processes for efficient and effective operational procedures, and create a resource plan for outsourcing, delegating and automating business activities.

Measurable Learning Outcomes:

Learner will be able to:

  • Learn how each area of the business can be systematized
  • Create workflow processes and checklists for service delivery and operations
  • Identify and prioritize which tasks and business activities should be outsourced, delegated or automated
  • Identify the top three most inefficient areas of the business
  • Develop an action plan to determine the best resources for addressing those inefficiencies
  • Higher understanding of what the business owner’s time is worth
  • A framework for making decisions about what the business owner should do themselves versus outsource

Course Components:

  1. Business Systematization Basics
  2. Processes and Checklists
  3. Outsourcing, Delegation and Automation
  4. Identifying Inefficiencies
  5. Resource Planning

5.  Inspiring Customers to Say Yes

Inspiring Customers to Say Yes is a sales training course designed to teach business owners the sales process, the buying psychology of customers, and the process for how to have the sales conversation in order to increase sales conversions and get more clients.

Measurable Learning Outcomes:

Learner will be able to:

  • Understand the new paradigm of sales as an act of service
  • Understand their role as solution provider
  • Identify the 6 levels of a client’s readiness to buy
  • Learn how to diagnose level of client’s readiness to buy
  • Identify the 9 tools for moving customers through the buying process
  • Understand the process for co-partnering with the client to inspire action
  • Learn a proven sales script for increasing prospect to client conversion rates
  • Implement the tools for eliminating buyer’s remorse

Course Components:

  1. Sales Mindset
  2. Psychology of the Buyer
  3. Identifying Readiness to Buy
  4. Sales Conversations
  5. Tools for Inspiring the Sale

Additional Details 

Each course listed above is a one-on-one, customized 20-hour training program.

Homework will be provided for each module. The student will be held accountable for completing the homework. Homework assignments will be reviewed at each session. Feedback and suggestions for improvement will be provided. Each course duration is six-months, and includes 10 hours of in-person instruction and 10 hours of online training.

Course enrolment is by application only. Must be a registered BC business for at least one year to qualify. Canada Jobs Grant funding available.

Contact for full course outlines and course dates.

Per Course Cost 

 $2970 + 5% GST = $3118.50