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“Get out of the weeds of your business, to gain a fresh perspective.” When you grow a business, there are six main roadblocks to business growth that present themselves. (More on this in a different post.) And whenever a new client comes to me, it’s an indication that they’ve hit one or more of these…

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As a recovering perfectionist, one of the mindset shifts that I had to make when I became an Entrepreneur, was the belief upgrade from Self-Judgment to Self-Love. Self-judgment keeps you small and keeps you STUCK. Listening to your inner critic and inner bully keeps you spinning in a cycle of ‘not good enough’ which can…

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A topic that recently came up on a coaching call with a business owner client of mine was about carrying the burden of responsibility. She’s the successful 7-figure CEO of a consulting firm – smart, capable, skilled, busy and extremely tired. She came to me to support her with increasing her EQ, so that she…

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“Growth and Comfort Can’t Ride the Same Horse.” It’s a lesson that holds true for all of life. What we want most will always require embracing discomfort and taking action despite our fear that we’ll fail or fall on our face. In the end, there is no substitute for courage, no shortcut to bravery. To…

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