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Have you ever scaled your small business only to realize that the stress just isn’t worth it? Have you ever felt like your business is bigger than you and is a bit too much to handle? Perhaps you feel like giving up sounds like a relief and a defeat simultaneously – you’ve come so far!…

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When I was 18 years old, I wanted to live in Europe. Subconsciously, my mind chose to believe that it was not a possibility. I visited Europe often over the years, to travel and to visit extended family. And each time I would go, I had a growing realization that I felt very connected to…

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We can learn a great deal about avoiding business failure by studying historical figures who achieved amazing things, like inventor Thomas Edison. When Thomas Edison was discovering the light bulb, he first engaged in a process of envisioning how an unseeable current of energy could be harnessed and turned into light. It took him quite…

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Fail fast; learn from your mistakes and pivot. When I worked in the start-up world, it was a fast-paced entrepreneurially minded culture. We had a lot of ideas that we implemented quickly. Some worked and some didn’t; we didn’t get emotionally attached, we picked ourselves back up and moved on. When it came to starting…

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