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7 Reasons why All Business Owners need a Business Coach

Fail fast; learn from your mistakes and pivot. When I worked in the start-up world, it was a fast-paced entrepreneurially minded culture. We had a lot of ideas that we implemented quickly. Some worked and some didn’t; we didn’t get emotionally attached, we picked ourselves back up and moved on. When it came to starting my own company, I wish I had followed those same start-up principles sooner.

It wasn’t until I hired my first Business Coach that I really began to see my own blind spots that were preventing me from taking my business to the next level of growth. I realized the benefits of having a sounding board for ideas and fresh perspectives, somebody to help me co-create a sustainable business model, having a trusted advisor who knew the path ahead and how to help me navigate it with greater ease and more success.

One might wonder why would a Business Coach need a Business Coach?

The answer is simple. Firstly, it’s very difficult to see the forest for the trees when you are emotionally attached to your own business, and secondly if you want to be a top performer, you won’t make it trying to do it alone. That’s why every high performing athlete has a coach. It’s a no brainer.

When I work with my clients to help them navigate their business growth on purpose, the value I bring to the table includes advice on what ‘not to do’, which can at times save them tens of thousands of dollars, avert a major disaster, prevent a ton of undue emotional stress, increase their productivity by 20% or double their revenues.

A Business Coach can work with you to quickly assess where your efforts should best be directed in order to capitalize on your business strengths – remember, at difficult times, it’s all too easy to become a busy fool.

At any time, practically every business suffers from one of the following issues – if any of these speak to you then perhaps it is time you had a good long look at your likelihood of sustaining your business into the medium-term.

  1. You have lost sight of where your business is going and why.We have all suffered this at times – our heads are down so much we forget to focus on the horizon. During these times, it’s crucial to know exactly where you are going so that you can develop a roadmap for getting there – and avoid the dead end roads and potholes along the way. As an outsider, a good Business Coach can see the forest for the trees and help you get out of your own way – keeping you focused on what matters, so that you can do the things that count.
  2. Your business does not generate enough profit to justify your efforts.If you want to continue doing what you have always done it should come as no surprise that you will always get the same results. A Business Coach will challenge your thinking and help you get focused on taking the actions that will drive your business forward and grow your profits.
  3. Because you are already good and recognize that it’s going to take that bit extra to become outstanding. What is it in each of us that lead us to believe that we should be able to make a success of our business all by ourselves? We aren’t born great Entrepreneurs. Seeking out coaching support is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength, and personal acknowledgment that to be the best, we need external support to motivate us and keep us accountable to high performance.
  4. You believe that the business will suffer if you are not there all the time; taking a holiday is out of the question. Unless your business can run without you being there every day, then it might come as a shock to learn that you are, in reality, just an employee, and that you have in essence created a job for yourself and not a business that can stand up by itself. A Business Coach will help you put in place the processes and systems that are needed and help you develop your management team so that the business will thrive whether or not you feel like going to work today.
  5. You feel that you are married to your business and that it demands working all hours. If you are ready to start taking control of the hours that you contribute to the business and at the same time get better results, than you should consider Business Coaching to help you consider ways of working smarter.
  6. You have fallen out of love with your business. Do you sometimes think life would be simpler without all the hassle? Working with a Business Coach can reignite your passion, while helping you redevelop your vision and business goals, so that it serves your purpose.
  7. You have a lot of business experience, however you haven’t really invested in yourself in years. Have you neglected your own personal development? Business Coaching is not an expense, it’s an investment, and you are worth it. A Business Coach will work with you to improve specific aspects of your own performance and provide one-on-one support and motivation to achieve and build upon the improvements. The relationship between you and your Business Coach ensures a swift and maximum impact on yours and the business’ performance, providing a measurable return on your investment.

5 things you may want to say in response…

  1. “I should be able to do it on my own.” – This fascinates me. Why do we expect to be able to do everything by ourselves and perhaps consider it a weakness when we fall short of our own expectations? Do you know of any athlete or sports team who has reached their full potential without significant coaching? To state the obvious, if you haven’t reached your goals on your own so far, what makes you think you can do it now? And if you are making consistent progress towards them, what would it be like to accelerate towards achieving them?
  2. “I have to think about it.” – I can understand this, working with a Business Coach can be a big decision for some people (and a ‘no brainer’ for others!). But to be honest, what are the specific aspects of what we do that you are concerned about? If you share one of these concerns, then be open about it and ask me some specific questions. Alternatively, try it and let the results speak for themselves. Typically, it’s one of three things:
    • Is the problem important enough to solve it now?
    • Is this the right solution for my situation?
    • Can I afford the solution?
  3. “It’s too expensive.” – Business Coaching is not a cost, it’s an investment. By this I mean that if you have set clear business goals that you want to achieve and then, through coaching, you achieve them, then you will have made a return on your investment.Another way to consider the issue of expense would be to consider what the ‘opportunity cost’ to you or your business would be of not addressing the current issues or not to be pushing yourself to develop and produce better results? What would be one result that you absolutely must achieve in the next 3 months that would mean Business Coaching has been a great investment?
  4. “I have to talk to my partner.” – This is always a good idea. What kinds of questions do you think they might ask? Or more importantly, what will you do if your partner doesn’t like the idea of you getting some Business Coaching? What is it that you really want to do and what do you need to know to help develop your partner too?
  5. “I don’t have the time right now.” – It won’t come as a surprise to know that all business owners are extremely busy and time is always a scarce commodity. For me, however, this should be the number one reason to begin working with a Business Coach, not a reason to avoid it. Working with a Business Coach will free you to focus on what really makes the difference between successful Business Owners versus Owner Employees. Yes, it will take some time to work with your Business Coach, but this is a fraction compared to the time it will release to you to devote to revenue-generating activities and clearing the day-to-day obstacles that get in the way. How great would it be if you could eliminate dealing with these on an ongoing basis and have more time to focus ON your business, not IN your business? Plus, if time management really is a big issue then it would make sense to start your Business Coaching program focusing on and improving your time management to help you prioritize your activities and leverage your time more effectively!

Some comments from my clients:

“Michela helped me set up a plan to systematize my digital agency and programming company. Since working with Michela I have seen a 20% improvement in productivity and we aren’t even through the full plan. I am thrilled with the new insights I have gained and feel more in control of my business and in managing its growth.” – Susan Jarema, New Earth Marketing

“Working with Michela, not only did my revenue increase significantly, but she also helped me outsource and delegate to work smarter and make the best use of my time. – Heather Van Mil, Word of Mom Marketing

“Before I started working with Michela I was struggling with consistency, systems, and increasing my revenue on a month-to-month basis. Michela and I worked out systems when it came to sales, networking, and operations so that my business became much more predictable and profitable. I am set up to earn double the revenue from last year, and I am clear on the value I bring to my clients.” – Jamie Munro, Whisper Media

“Before working with Michela, I didn’t have a clear marketing plan or an efficient sales process. Now, the systems and processes I learned have really helped me become more efficient and I am on track to reach my business goals.” – Cheryl Loh, Quirky Paper

“Prior to working with Michela my business had reached a plateau. Michela helped me to kick start it again and to set me on the right track for double digit growth.”– Mhairi Petrovic, Out-Smarts Marketing

“Michela changed my life! After 10yrs of wearing all the hats and being exhausted and underpaid, I was almost ready to close our business. Since working with Michela, the quality of our clients has shifted and our quality of life improved.  We are in fact working less and making more. I have new freedom, flexibility and effective time saving tools thanks to the growth in our income.”– Erika Cardenas, Butterfly Cleaning

Everyone needs to get some solid advice from a trusted friend or partner at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, not everyone takes the time to listen — or hears, but decides to go their own way.

It is the times when we chose to charge off to try an ill-planned idea that we think will work that we remember the most. Even years later, you may think back and wonder how things could have played out differently, and why you didn’t heed some good advice when it was given.

If you have read this far then you have nothing to lose by taking one simple action. Contact me to take me up on my special offer for a complimentary discovery call to see if Business Coaching could help to accelerate your success.

About Michela Quilici

Michela QuiliciMichela Quilici is a business growth and marketing expert who empowers service professionals to authentically market and strategically grow their business with purpose. “Business Navigator” is Michela's middle name. She loves guiding mission-driven Entrepreneurs to create success, while building a business aligned to who they are.

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